Green Tree Update 1.2 Has Been Released

Many were commenting on some issues and frustrations with the app.  I finally got around to releasing an update that hopefully fixes many of those problems.  The issue with storms or bugs appearing while the game was paused should be fixed as well as a couple other bug fixes.  It should generally run smoother now as well.

Some were frustrated that their tree would die overnight.  While my response to this has been “You need to remember to pause before sleeping.”, I’ve made it so it should survive the night in most cases.  I’ve also added difficulty options so the player can specify a difficulty explicitly.

Please keep contacting me about suggestions or problems. They have been extremely helpful.

2 Responses to “Green Tree Update 1.2 Has Been Released”

  1. Hanning says:

    I like this app very much Thank you. How many stages are there? I’m currently on the third stage.

  2. Laury Lybrand says:

    I still have an issue with my tree dying over night as it seems to unpause itself. This is the fourth time. After the first, I double and triple check that it is paused. This is on the normal difficulty setting.

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