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PiaB Updates! Negative Age Bug Fixed

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Planet in a Bottle updates have been pushed to version 1.1.0.  The main reason was the negative age bug people were complaining about.  With this update your age should be converted back to the correct positive value.  However, I apologize for any achievements you may have missed while having a negative age.  (If anybody cares) The problem was an accidental conversion from an int to a long, so it was only manifested when the planet’s age (in millis) was over the maximum signed integer value.

I also took the chance to add a little counter for your population.  I guess now age is the only thing you would need to open the stats screen to see.  Maybe I’ll just put that on the main screen and ax the stats dialog altogether.

Thanks again for all the feedback and bug reports! You people are awesome!