New Release: Pineapple Farm


My newest game, Pineapple Farm, is now available in the android market.  If you liked Green Tree and Planet in a Bottle, I’m sure you will enjoy this one.  The goal is to grow your crops and build up your farm by buying nearby property.  There are also items you can buy that will help you automate maintenance on your fields.  Find it in the Android market by searching for “Pineapple Farm”, or use Barcode Scanner to scan the QR code below.


2 Responses to “New Release: Pineapple Farm”

  1. eric says:

    Funny game,but needs more to do in the game.waiting for part 2..

  2. Jac says:

    Would you mind to shorten the time for growing crops?
    4 hours is toooo long.. Suggested crops that grow within 10mins or 1h..

    Other than that, this gameis fab and I love it :)

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