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Disable Pre-Scaling of Android Image Resources

Monday, November 15th, 2010

As more Android powered tablets are released and announced, more developers should be making sure that their applications are optimized for them. In Android this means firstly stating that the application can handle any screen size with the following code.

android:anyDensity="true" />

Place this in your application’s AndroidManifest.xml file inside the <Application> tags.

However, this didn’t solve all my problems. While enabling my application to run full-screen on tablets without a big black border, it did some funky things with my image sizing. To accomodate large displays Android automatically scales Bitmap images to the display’s dpi. If you are using pixels for placement and sizing of images, like me, this can really screw up the way your app looks.


Drawable resources are stored in /res/drawable. However there are several other drawable directories you can use to support different things. I just wanted to disable scaling altogether. No matter what dpi the screen is, I want to draw my Bitmap at it’s native size. To do this, place all of these images in the /res/drawable-nodpi directory. Any resources in this directory will never be scaled. You will not have to change anything in your code as the Android API automatically checks this directory for the image.

Learn more on the Android developer guide: Resource directory qualifiers for screen size and density