Planet in a Bottle Reaches 200k Downloads, Updates to Come

I just wanted to thank everyone for playing all my games, but especially Planet in a Bottle. I woke up and refreshed my developer console this morning to show 200,445 total downloads for the game. I really never thought folks would be this interested in my humble game, and while it’s no Angry Birds, I’m still proud of how well it’s done in the past year. So, thank you to all of the fans!

In honor of this milestone, I am working on some updates that will include some bug fixes, graphics updates, and a couple surprises I think you will like. Look for it in the next couple days.

4 Responses to “Planet in a Bottle Reaches 200k Downloads, Updates to Come”

  1. Ben Parsons says:

    That’s fantastic news, congratulations! In celebration I will be reinstalling PiaB after a GF enforced hiatus.

    Again, well done on this massive achievement!


  2. Nate says:

    Thanks for playing, Ben.

  3. david dowdy says:

    Man I love Planet In A Bottle! I’ve actually had a bug before concerning achievments. I missed ‘Philanthropist Expert’ (my bad) but had a population over 4000 within 7 days (1 week) to get the ‘Civilization Builder Expert’ achievement and had the pop up notice notifying me when I opened the app but when I look in my achievements list the star isn’t glowing indicating my accompplishment….? What gives??

    Either way I wanted to thank you for the wonderfully fun and simple simulation game! I love it! Congrats on your success with it and here’s to your future success!

    -David D.-

    P.S. Can we maybe see a ‘Zoom’ feature added? It’d be great to be able to zoom in and out and maybe see more details on the buildings and cities. Thanks for listening.

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