Who Likes 3D?


Here’s a screenshot of something I’ve been playing around with.  It’s just a proof of concept, but I was wondering if it would be worth it to put some time into full 3D for Planet in a Bottle 2.0 possibly.  Let me know what you think.

BTW, I’ve got some updates coming soon for the current version.

2 Responses to “Who Likes 3D?”

  1. Rohit says:

    I personally like the fun look it currently has. What I’ve mostly read is pe,ople love the game and would enjoy more ways of interacting. Others like me love the game a lot as is. What would be cool is if you did the full 3D but kept it as an option only. That way people can switch between graphics. :] I doubt that’s a new thought for you.

  2. 3D isn’t necessary…in fact I liked aspects of the original graphics more than the current ones. Really want more features, goals and ways to care for the planet! Hope you will update someday. Thanks!

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