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Adam Gates Stealing Games and Hurting Indie Devs

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Several people have brought to my attention that the developer Adam Gates has reverse engineered one of my games and rereleased it under his own developer name and AdMob ID. Investigating further, I found his other apps all seem to be rip-offs as well. I know that there are solutions to protect application published in the Android Market, but I have chosen not to protect my apps with copy protection or Google’s licensing service because I would like people to have the freedom to share my games however they want. However, it saddens me to say that this situation may give me no choice but to lock them up as much as possible.

I know that independent Android game developers love what they do. It’s not for the money, but ideally, we would all make enough to support ourselves fully from these games enabling us to continue to produce fun and innovative games. I would hate to see this problem go unchecked and keep hurting this market.

So, if you can, rate his games low and comment that they are in direct copyright violation of original games. Also, please send an email to Google to try to raise awareness to this issue and the harm it is causing to good developers.

Google has removed the violating app. However, it looks like he still has plenty of rip-offs still available. How long until Google will shut this guy down?

Other victims of Adam Gates: