How to Play Planet in a Bottle

Looking at my Google analytics stats, it looks like some folks are having a little trouble figuring out how to play my game.  I’d like to eventually update PiaB so that it is intuitive enough that you don’t need instructions, but in the mean time, I hope this gets you in the right direction.

The Gist

Planet in a Bottle is a virtual pet style game.  Like the old Tamagotchi keychain gadgets, instead of playing the game for exteded periods of time, you merely have to check on it once in a while.  If you are careful to do this, you will have a thriving planet.

Theres one thing I get the most questions about that I would like to point out early: Most of the options for what you can do are in the menu drawer of the application.  To access these options, press your phone’s menu button (usually four horizontal lines with the top line slightly longer) while on the main screen of the game.

Population and Health

In PiaB, many of the achievements have to do with population and health.  The health of your planet is decided by how well you are currently caring for your planet and your population is decided by your health over time.  The health of your planet is indicated by the leaf bar at the very bottom of your screen.  Ideal health is 100/100 points.  Your population is indicated by a number at the top of the screen.  You always want your population increasing.

Light and Water

These are the most important part of the game.  If you balance these values well, your planet will prosper.  You will notice unlike the health bar that these bars have mid point indicators.  This is because the ideal values for light and water are 50/100 points.  You don’t want to overwater your planet or burn them up with too much sunlight.  Keep these values close to 50 and your health will rise.


Happiness is something less valued, but a few achievements in the game make this a fun metric to try to increase.  The ways you keep your population happy are nudging your planet (touch the planet on the screen) or playing with the sun.  When the sun is showing you can grab onto it with your finger and fling it across the screen.  It entertains your population (though in real life it might be scarry to have your solar system’s star bouncing around the sky) and increases your happiness points.

There are a few achievements based on happiness and it affects your health slightly to have a happier population.

I hope this covered most of your questions.  If not, try to email questions to me at  I try to answer them, but I do have a day job, so sometimes I can’t get to all of them.

I hope you enjoy my games! Also, stay tuned for some new releases in the near future!